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Modelling of Steady Transcritical Flow in Open Channels

Author(s): Yebegaeshet T. Zerihun; John D. Fenton

Linked Author(s): John D. Fenton

Keywords: Open channel flow; Hydrodynamics; Boussinesq equation; Nonuniform flow

Abstract: A numerical experiment is carried out to investigate the suitability of a one-dimensional Boussinesq-type model for simulating transcritical flow in a channel with simultaneous variation of sidewalls and bottom geometries. Two Boussinesq-type momentum equation models for such type of flow simulation are considered in this study. These models incorporate different degrees of dynamic pressure corrections as a result of the pre-assumed uniform and linear variation of centrifugal term at a vertical section. The effect of the pressure correction factors on the solutions of the models is also examined. The finite difference method is employed to discretise and solve the flow equations. The models are then applied to simulate different test cases for flow in such channel with predominant non-hydrostatic pressure distribution effects. A comparison of the computed results with the corresponding experimental data is presented. Generally speaking, good agreement is attained between the computed and measured results from this comparison. Results of the study reveal that the 2-D flow structures for such type of flow situation are better described by the proposed model which includes a higher-order correction for the effect of the centrifugal pressure.


Year: 2005

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