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Laboratory Experiments on Vertical Slot Fishways with Added Roughness

Author(s): Tom Patterson; Jose F. Rodriguez

Linked Author(s): José Rodríguez

Keywords: Vertical Slot Fishways; Australian rivers; Laboratory experiment; 3D velocities; Turbulence

Abstract: Mean flow and turbulence characteristics of a Vertical Slot Fishway (VSF) were measured in a laboratory model. Two conditions were tested: the first with slope and baffle arrangements recommended by NSW Fisheries for the Murray Darling Basin; the second with the same configuration but with cubes placed in the fishway base. The introduction of these roughness elements caused a change in velocity magnitude and direction and reduced the kinetic energy and turbulent kinetic energy near the base of the fishway. The changes in fishway function appeared to have a limited sphere of influence as the water surface maintained its characteristic shape. Also the flow recirculation regime in the condition with roughness elements returned to the pattern found in the control condition within two roughness heights of the fishway floor. Although there was a reduction in kinetic energy near the base, the fish that benefited most were slightly larger than the 15-cm long targeted species.


Year: 2005

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