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Application of the Modified Log-Wake Law to Non-Uniform Open-Channel Flows

Author(s): Junke Guo; Ming Cheng; Qian Ma; Pierre Y. Julien

Linked Author(s): Junke Guo, Pierre Y. Julien

Keywords: Turbulence; Velocity profiles; Open-channel flows; Log law; Wake law; Non-uniform flow

Abstract: The log law and the log-wake law are widely used in open-channel flows. They nevertheless fail to replicate the velocity dip phenomena. Guo et al. recently proposed a modified log-wake law (MLWL) for pipe flows and zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers. The MLWL improves the conventional log-wake law by meeting the zero velocity gradient at the edge of boundary layer. This study shows that the MLWL properly describes the velocity distribution in non-uniform open-channel flows. The non-uniformity of the flow is equivalent to a pressure gradient and is reflected in the wake strength of the MLWL.


Year: 2004

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