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Analysis on Large-Scale Turbulent Structure in Natural Rivers

Author(s): Jinyou Lu; Haitao Xu; Shiming Yao

Linked Author(s): Jinyou Lu, Shiming Yao

Keywords: Natural river; Large-scale turbulence; Turbulent mechanism

Abstract: Based on the previous study on turbulent structure, field experiments on fluctuating velocity were carried out in section Huanglingmiao of main stream of Yangtze River with a 3-D Doppler velocimeter. And a number of data such as velocity under different discharge were obtained. Based on the observed data, period, frequency, period function and probability density function of large-scale coherent structure in natural river were prescribed by means of quantitative analysis. The distribution of time-averaged velocity, turbulent intensity and Reynolds stress along depth were analyzed and calculated. The research work presented in this paper helps to further our understanding of large-scale turbulent structure in natural river and makes the base for applying turbulence theory to water conservancy, hydroelectric, environment engineering and so on.


Year: 2004

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