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The Angle of Repose for Submerged Non-Cohesive Sediment Particles

Author(s): Yizheng Zhan; Xianping Zhang; Ying Huang; Weidong Huang

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Keywords: Non-cohesive sediment; Submerged angle of repose; Internal friction factor; Bed load; Stability of slope

Abstract: According to the physical pile-up process of non-cohesive sediment, a simplified wedged pileup model was proposed. In this model, particles are arranged as “one on the top of another four”, the foundational four are placed as a square and the top one is named “dune nucleus”. Considering a single “dune nucleus”, the corresponding mechanical equilibrium equation was developed. And from analysis the force acting on submerged sediment particles, the study on submerged angle of repose has been simplified and this is convenient to develop a theory. Based on the equation, the formula of submerged angle of repose for non-cohesive sediment particles was derived. It is obvious that the existing various opinions about the influence of specific weight of sedimentγ s to the submerged angle of repose can be unified by this formula. So the above simplified naturally wedged pile-up mode is feasible and the rules shown in the theory formula based on this model are reasonable. Then, the formula is verified by the comparison between observed data and calculation result, which agrees with the data.


Year: 2004

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