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Modeling Erosion and Deposition by 1D Depth-Averaged Moment Equations

Author(s): Yee-Chung Jin; Qingchao Guo

Linked Author(s): Yee-chung Jin, Guo Qingchao

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Abstract: A one-dimensional mathematical model is introduced to calculate bed variations in open channels. The model is based on the depth-averaged and moment equations for unsteady flow and sediment transport in open channels. The computed results are compared with the available experimental data obtained in laboratory flumes, and the computed and measured results are found to be consistent. A numerical test is conducted which cannot be done in laboratory, exhibited the entire processes of many phenomena of sediment transport such as scouring or filling the channel bed, and increasing or decreasing the channel slope. This numerical test is very useful in understanding the mechanisms of sediment transport.


Year: 2004

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