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Fluvial Processes and Regulation Works of the Hechangzhou Braided Channel in Yangtze Zy Reach

Author(s): Musong Lin; Jinyou Lu; Daifeng Zhang; Huiping Chen; Zengfa Zhang; Huafeng Gao

Linked Author(s): Jinyou Lu

Keywords: Evolution; Hechangzhou braided channel; Control works

Abstract: The Zhenjiang-Yangzhou (ZY) reach is one of the most rapidly changing sections in the lower Yangtze River. To stabilize the river channel pattern, regulation works phase I and phase II have been implemented for years on this reach, resulting in substantial control of the serious variations of the regime. The behaviors of the inflow and sediment, the recent evolution trend of the river channel in this section, as well as thepatterns and causes of the change of the Hechangzhou braided channel, are analyzed and the option researches, engineering design, construction and the effects of the control works at the inlet of the left branch of the Hechang sandbar are presented.


Year: 2004

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