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Hydraulics of Tetrahedron-Like Penetrating Frame

Author(s): Zhu Gao; Hongwu Tang; Yang Xiao; Zhenghua Gu

Linked Author(s): Yang Xiao, Zhenghua Gu, Hongwu Tang

Keywords: Tetrahedron-like penetrating frame; Local scour; Bank protection; Drag

Abstract: In this paper, flow structures around the Tetrahedron-like Penetrating Frame (TLPF) have been studied by using Acoustic-Doppler Velocimeter (ADV). To understand flow phenomena related to the TLPF better, Tetrahedron-Like Solid Block (TLSB) is also studied for comparison purposes. The results indicate the velocity loss and turbulence intensity caused by TLSB is larger in the near field, and local scour often happened around TLSB. On the other hand, the variation in the velocity and the magnitude of turbulence intensity induced by TLPF is smaller. In the present investigation, an integral method is used to derive the drag of TLPF. It is found that drag coefficient CD increase at first and then decrease asymptotically to a constant with Re.


Year: 2004

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