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Analysis of Recent Fluvial Processes of the Pearl River Delta

Author(s): Shiqi Zhang; Jing Peng; Yanjing Zhang; Jinrong Cheng

Linked Author(s): Jing Peng

Keywords: Pearl River Delta; Fluvial processes; Channel network; Estuary; Se

Abstract: The Channel network of Pearl River Delta is very complex. Runoff entering the delta flows into the South Sea through eight estuaries. Erosion and sedimentation pattern is complex and changeable. In the past two decades human activities, such as sand mining in the river, dyke construction along riverside, and reclamation of sea land, have greatly changed the delta development trends. This paper analyzed the delta fluvial processes for the channel network, river mouth and nearby sea area in recent two decades. The results show that since 1980’s the fluvial process of the channel network has been different from that of historic one. Most channels have been eroded with a trend of deepening, especially the channels towards South-East direction. As a result more water and sediment are diverted into the South-East sea, which increased sedimentation of the corresponding river mouths. The flood control and navigation in this region have been seriously threatened.


Year: 2004

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