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Design for Soil and Water Conservation Park in Watershed

Author(s): Xiaozhang Lei; Changzhi Li; Xingnian Liu; Shuyou Cao

Linked Author(s): Xiaozhang LEI, Xingnian Liu, Changzhi Li

Keywords: Baifoshi watershed; Soil and water conservation; Design

Abstract: Now environment protection is increasingly important for the economic development. How to protect environment while the efficient economic achievement is obtained? In Sichuan province, special attention has been given to the hill region to achieve this goal. Baifoshi Watershed is one typical watershed in the Hill Region of Sichuan province, China. In 2001, a plan had been done for the sustainable development of this watershed. This paper presents an introduction to this plan. The natural and social situation of this watershed was firstly presented, and then the present questions of land use, agriculture structure, soil and water conservation, and the improvement of standard of farmer’s living are analyzed. Based on the analysis, this paper further explained the plan in detail, with emphasis on four important contents as 3-D agriculture, slope water system, herbal medicine industry, and suburb tourism. According to the difference of climate and soil background, different crops are planed to be planted in the ridge, middle part and foot of hills, respectively. Some old irrigation works, such as trench, pond, and pool will be reconstructed, and some new works should be added to perfect the slope water system for the purpose of supplying enough water for various requirements. Moreover, some new and valuable Chinese herbs will be planted in a concentrated area. Developing tourism is very important in this plan, and some special scenery has been designed in this watershed, such as temple, fish pool, and forest corridor, etc. This work was done with Arc/View GIS Software (Geographic Information System) and CAD (Computer Aided Design), and could be used as a typical case of water and soil conversation for some similar watersheds in the Hill Region of Sichuan.


Year: 2004

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