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Numerical Simulation of River Sedimentation and Its Application in the Lower Yellow River

Author(s): Qingchao Guo; Chunhong Hu; Yee-Chung Jin

Linked Author(s): Yee-chung Jin, Chunhong Hu, Qingchao Guo

Keywords: Sediment mathematical model; Critical equilibrium of sedimentation; Sediment-carrying capacity; Sedimentation reduction; The Lower Yellow River; Xiaolangdi reservoir

Abstract: Modeling sediment transport in alluvial rivers is very complicated, especially for the rivers with hyperconcentration. In this paper, a mathematical model based on theory of non-uniform suspended sediment transport is presented to simulate riverbed deformation not only for the river with low sediment concentration but also for the river with high concentration. A widely accepted universal sedimentcarrying capacity formula available for both low and high sediment concentration has been adopted and large quantity measured data were collected to rate it. Another noticeable advantage of the model is that coefficients can be calibrated by field data or empirical expression, avoiding the uncertainty in selecting values for them. The rating and verification of the model in Sanmenxia reservoir and the lower Yellow River show the model has a good ability to simulate the sediment transport of hyperconcentration flow. Finally the model is applied to investigate the effect of water diversion in the lower Yellow River on the channel sedimentation, the efficiency of sedimentation reduction by the operation of Xiaolangdi, and the issues of critical equilibrium of sedimentation in the lower Yellow River channel.


Year: 2004

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