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Assessment of the Morphodynamic Development of Restored Flood Plains-Explained with the Measure at the Upper Rhine River Between Markt and Breisach

Author(s): Andreas Dittrich; Franz-Josef Specht; Thorsten Stoesser

Linked Author(s): Thorsten Stoesser

Keywords: Morphodynamic; River bed stability; Resistance of riparian forest; Numerical modeling

Abstract: To improve the flood situations and to prevent the cities downstream of the Upper Rhine River for floods a retention volume of 25 mio m3 is required between Markt and Breisach in case of a 200 year event. A 1D numerical model was applied to determine the water level and retention volume including the resistance of different riparian forests developed by natural succession. An overall assessment of the morphodynamic developments of the restored flood plains could be achieved by the comparison of the shear stresses caused by flow attack (result of 1D and 3D numerical calculations) and bed resistance (result of the application of the formula of Gunter (1971) for river bed stability). Furthermore, local regions of erosion and sedimentation could be identified by the velocities and shear stress data resulting from the 3D numerical model.


Year: 2004

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