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Flood Disaster and Flood Mitigation in the Parana River Basin

Author(s): Raul Lopardo; Rafael Seoane

Linked Author(s): Raúl Antonio Lopardo

Keywords: ParanaRiver; Floods; La Plata River Basin; Warning system

Abstract: The aims of this work is to define the different aspects of flood-related problems, the importance of warning systems and a hydrological analysis of the significant rise in the Salado River basin that affects the city of Santa Fe, in the ParanaRiver Basin. The paper summarizes information about the floods in the Plata River basin, with maximum recorded flow of 60,200 m 3 ·s -1 at the Parana-Paraguay confluence, flooded an area of more than 30,000 km 2, the importance of hydrological warning systems, for flatland valleys (as the ParanaRiver warning system) and the experience obtained in the recent flood caused by the Salado River rise in Santa Fe city.


Year: 2004

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