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Efficient Sediment-Carrying Water Volume After Construction of Xiaolangdi Reservoir on the Lower Yellow River

Author(s): Jun Yan; Dongpo Sun; Chunhong Hu

Linked Author(s): Chunhong Hu

Keywords: Lower Yellow River; Sediment-carrying volume; Unit sediment-carrying water volume; Efficient sediment-carrying water volume

Abstract: Analyzing the sediment-carrying mechanism and the real process of sediment-transport in the river channel, a new concept and calculating method of sediment-carrying water volume have been put forward. According to the field data from 1950 to 2000, the sediment-carrying water volume and unit sediment-carrying water volume in the lower Yellow River have been calculated, meanwhile, the relation between them and their influence factors have been confirmed to calculate the efficient sediment-carrying water volume after the construction of Xiaolangdi reservoir on the lower Yellow River. A sediment mathematic model has been used to calculate and verify this volume.


Year: 2004

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