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Some 3D Hydraulic Features of 90°Lateral Water-Intake and Its Sediment Control

Author(s): Huiquan Chen; Jiwen Cao

Linked Author(s): Huiquan Chen

Keywords: Water intakes; Hydraulic behavior; Sediment control

Abstract: Both experimental and numerical modeling investigations of the flow structure of an open-channel water intake and a submerged water intake are presented. The experiments were conducted in a laboratory flume with 90°flow diversion, takingηas the main parameter which is the ratio of the mean approaching velocity of the main stream to the mean inflow velocity at the intake section. Detailed velocity fields around the intake were observed and analyzed. The behaviors of 3D features including the dividing streamlines and strength of helicity were found. Relevant 3D RSM turbulent modeling was performed with good verification by the experimental results. High non-uniformity of the velocity distribution at the intake has been shown, especially at a highη-value. Complying with the characteristic of the water inflow, an economic, easy used and environmentally accepted measure of sediment control -- modifying the intake section with a sloping or a stepped bottom, was suggested and tested. The effectiveness of the measure was demonstrated in an engineering project of a cooling water intake.


Year: 2004

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