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Sedimentation of Sanzuodian Reservoir

Author(s): Yanjing Zhang; Chunhong Hu; Jianguo Chen; Shiqi Zhang; Jinrong Chen

Linked Author(s): Jianguo Chen, Chunhong Hu

Keywords: Sedimentation; Reservoir operation; Mathematical model; Density flow

Abstract: Being located in the Yinhe River, Sanzuodian Reservoir is faced with serious sedimentation. There exits a sharp contradiction between water supply and reservoir deposition. A mathematical model is developed to forecast the state of reservoir sedimentation. Major factors concerning the reservoir design, such as reservoir operation manner, dam scope, dam site as well as discharge facility, are studied. Also ways to reduce sedimentation such as lowering the pool level during floods, using density flow, etc. are discussed.


Year: 2004

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