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A Proposed Implicit Friction Source Term Treatment for Simulating Overland Flow

Author(s): Tian Wang; Jingming Hou; Peng Li; Jiaheng Zhao; Ilhan Ozgen; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Linked Author(s): Reinhard Hinkelmann, Jingming Hou, Ilhan Özgen-Xian

Keywords: Overland flow; Shallow water equations; Friction source terms; Proposed implicit; Asymptotic behavior

Abstract: The fully 2D dynamic shallow water equations have been widely applied for numerical simulation of overland flow in the recent years. However, most of the existing friction term discretisation schemes do not recover the correct asymptotic flow behaviour as water depths becomes small. In this model, the shallow water equations were discretized by the framework of the Godunov-type finite volume scheme. The hydrostatic reconstruction is applied to reconstruct non-negative water depths at wetdry interfaces. Numerical fluxes are computed with a HLLC solver. The novel aspects of the model include the slope source term treatment. Specific treatment of friction source terms has been proposed to discretize the friction terms to recover the correct asymptotic behaviour of SWEs when the water depth becomes small. The accuracy and robustness of the proposed model are verified by comparing with analytical solutions. The results showed a good agreement of numerical and analytical solution. The computational cost of proposed implicit method was 167 times less than that of the fully implicit method with regard to calculating the friction term.


Year: 2018

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