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Two-Dimensional Modeling of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Meandering Channels

Author(s): Il Won Seo; Jaehyun Shin

Linked Author(s): Il Won Seo

Keywords: Shallow water model; Advection-dispersion model; Meandering channel; Dispersion stress; Dispersion coefficient; Primary flow distribution

Abstract: In this study, a depth-averaged two-dimensional hydrodynamic model and scalar transport model were used to analyze the characteristics of both velocity field and concentration field of the complex flow in meandering channels. The two-dimensional shallow water model used in this study adopted the dispersion stress method in order to induce the effect of secondary flow which is normally omitted in the depth averaging process of the shallow water equation. A new vertical profile equation for the secondary flow was applied to the momentum equations by adopting the dispersion stress method. Comparisons with the experimental results of the large meandering channels of the River Experiment Center of KICT show that the computed values of the water surface profile and velocity magnitude were in good agreement with the observed data. The results of the 2D advection-dispersion model show that the longitudinal dispersion is much larger than theoretical results by Elder (1959) in meandering channels.


Year: 2018

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