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Optimal Operation of Flood Storage Areas in Huai River Using Coupled HEC-RAS River Model and NSGAII Global Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Andreja Jonoski; Ioana Popescu; Sun Zhe

Linked Author(s): Ioana Popescu

Keywords: Flood protection; HEC-RAS Controller; Huai River; Optimization; Storage are

Abstract: In this work we present an application of coupled HEC RAS river model with NSGAII multiobjective optimization algorithm, for optimal operations of flood protection storage areas in the downstream part of Huai River in China. During flood, these storage areas are used for decreasing the flood water level downstream in order to protect the important, densely populated city of Bengbu. However, the same storage areas have also been used by local population, as both residential and agricultural zones, with high damage potential in case of flooding. The application investigates optimal operations of opening and closing the gates that connect the storage areas to the main river, which minimize the damage in the storage areas without compromising the protection of Bengbu. Two objectives are formulated related to: 1) downstream risk of flooding in Bengbu, and 2) damages in the storage areas. Decision variables are stage differences between the river and a given storage area, used for controlling gates operations (opening and closing). The coupling is performed in MATLAB using recently available HEC RAS API, known as HEC-RAS Controller. Initial results, obtained using flood hydrograph from the summer of 2007, indicate possible optimal operations, with selective usage of the storage areas.


Year: 2018

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