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Hydraulic performance of fish guidance structures with curved bars – Part 2: flow fields

Author(s): Julian Meister; Ismail Albayrak; Robert M. Boes; Claudia Beck

Linked Author(s): Ismail Albayrak, Robert Boes

Keywords: Curved-bar rack; Fish downstream migration; Fish guidance; Flow field; Hydraulic performance

Abstract: The current geometric designs of fish guidance structures with vertical bars for run-of-river hydropower plants result in high head losses and asymmetric turbine admission flow. To address these issues, we develop innovative curved bar designs and experimentally investigate different rack configurations with curved bars in a laboratory flume. The present paper (Part II) focuses on the hydraulic performance of the novel curved bar designs with regard to flow fields, while the companion paper (Part I) reports the results on the head losses. The detailed flow fields obtained by 3D velocity measurements show that the curved bars promote flow conditions favourable for both fish guidance and turbine operation. The flow straightening effect of the curved bars leads to quasi-symmetrical turbine admission flow and reduced head losses. The findings are discussed with regard to fish protection and guidance, and optimal engineering application.


Year: 2020

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