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Hydraulics of abrupt contraction aerator on stepped chutes

Author(s): Jian-Hua Wu; Fei Ma

Linked Author(s): Jianhua Wu, Fei Ma

Keywords: Brupt contraction aerator; Air entrainment; Energy dissipation; Local hydraulic jump; Stepped chute

Abstract: Under large unit discharges, cavitation damage may occur and energy dissipation may remarkably decline in stepped chutes due to absence of air entrainment. Herein, a pre-aeration device, entraining air by contracting the flow locally by walls without special air vent, is proposed for increasing the maximum available unit discharges. The test results demonstrate that the aerator proposed in this paper generates a ski-jump and a local hydraulic jump to entrain air into flow. It provides fully aerated flows for the stepped chutes, and significantly increases the energy dissipation with large unit discharges.


Year: 2021

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