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Hydraulics of abrupt contraction aerator on stepped chutes 2021
Cavitation Damage in Particle-Laden Liquids with Considering Particle Concentration and Size 2020
Cavitation Intensity in Glass Bead-Water Mixtures Based on Iodometric Titration 2020
Hydraulics of 3D-Aerator with Lateral Enlargements on Spillways 2020
Experimental Investigation of Helical-Step Dropshaft Hydraulics 2019
Jet Deflection Control of the Slit-Type Ski Jump 2019
Air entrainment onset in skimming flows on steep stepped spillways: an analysis 2016
Cavitation Damage with Considering Entrained Air Bubble Sizes 2016
Effect of Flip Buckets on Energy Dissipation-Case Study for Baihetan Project 2016
Effect of Polyacryamide Solutions on Cavitation Erosion 2016
Ski-Jump-Step Spillway Hydraulics 2016
Trajectories and air flow features of ski jump generated jets 2016
A New Simulation Model for Damage of Cavitation and Silt Erosion 2015
Cavity Characteristics of an Aerator with Low Froude Number 2014
Multiple Slit-Type Energy Dissipater Scour 2014
Bottom roller characteristics in cavity of chute aerators 2013
Effects of Entrained Air Manner on Cavitation Damage 2011
Estimation of Cavity Length Behind Aerators 2007
Hydraulic Characteristics of Partial Opening Of 2007
Concept of River Health 2005
Model and Its Applications of Effects of Hydropower Project Construction on Ecological Environment Based on Ecological Footprint 2005
Prevention of Cavitation and Water-Wing for Middle-Piers of Discharge Tunnels 2005

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