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Leak detection method using energy dissipation model in a pressurized pipeline

Author(s): Naritaka Kubo; Issaku Azechi; Yohei Asada; Toshiaki Iida; Masaomi Kimura

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Keywords: Detection of water leakage; Energy dissipation; Hydraulic models; Hydraulic structure design and management; Line packing; Transient pressure damping; Water pipelines

Abstract: Various transient test-based techniques have been developed for detecting leaks in pipeline systems, and most of these depend on a signal that is reflected by the leak. In field pipes, this signal is easily disturbed by high frequency noise, which can prevent detection. This paper presents a leak detection method using transient pressure damping by energy dissipation from the leak, which is minimally affected by the noise. The numerical simulation confirms that the method can be applied within the range of practical pipe scales, provided that the flow rate is reduced by restricting the valve. The model is verified, and leak location is estimated within an error of <6% of the total length despite the noise from the loops. This method offers a simple and easy means to detect leaks without numerical simulation, although it is limited to single pipeline systems.


Year: 2021

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