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Observations of Ice and Water Under Ice in Aquaculture Zone in the Liaodong Gulf of the Bohai Sea, China

Author(s): Runling Li; Peng Lu; Jun Ding; Yaqing Chang

Linked Author(s): Peng Lu

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Abstract: Ice thickness and temperature, and salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH of water under ice were continuously observed in the Liaodong Gulf. The changes of these properties were dominated by air temperature, secondarily by tides. Air temperature is below the freezing point in ice growth period. Ice began to melt and water temperature began to rise when the air temperature was positive. Variations of water temperature altered dissolved oxygen and pH. Seawater salinity ascends in ice growth period. Dissolved oxygen and pH are greater in ice growth period than in ice melting period. Dissolved oxygen and pH fluctuate fairly dramatically due to tide. Water salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH began to decrease in ice melting period reached minima and began to rise again when ice had melted completely. Water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH of surface water fluctuated enormously but less in the bottom water. The dissolved oxygen was never lack. The anoxic state was never found. The change of water temperature is key factor killing sea cucumber in winter.


Year: 2014

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