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Glacier Depletion Observed by Remote Sensing Images and Its Impact on Runoff of Dang River Basin, Northwest of China

Author(s): Hao Duan; Shibing Pan; Lin Li

Linked Author(s): Lin Li

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Abstract: The ice and snow melting water is one of the most important sources for the human life, economic and ecological system in arid inland basin. This paper mainly discusses the rule of the glacier depletion in Dang River Basin, Northwest of China, during nearly 40 years, by using the multi-temporal remote sensing image of resource satellite Landsat MSS\TM and the small satellite constellation HJ. The analysis illustrates that the area of glaciers has decreased by 37.29square kilometers, in the last four decades from year 1974 to 2013, which accounts for about13.68 percent of total area of the glaciers. The model, which is based on the meteorological data and PI theorem, is developed to analyze the relationship between glaciers depletion and meteorological fluctuation. The change law of glacier caused by climate warming has been preliminarily revealed by the model. Finally, the impact of the glacier depletion on the runoff of river basin is also discussed and the glacier melting water has a significant influence on the river runoff especially in the inland arid region.


Year: 2014

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