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Model Tests for Ice Encroachment and Formation of Rubble Ice

Author(s): Robert Bridges; Kaj Riska; Christian Schroeder

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Abstract: Ice encroachment is one of the main ice engineering design considerations for artificial islands in ice covered shallow waters, as well as ice barriers for ports and terminals. Ice encroachment and rubble ice results when ice is drifting against a platform in shallow water. Ice can encroach on the structure by ice ride-up and pile-up, and consequently, the height and extent of the ice piling up on top of and in front of the structures must be taken into account in designing the layout, and often a protective ice encroachment zone is made all around the island. This paper explores some of the physics and contributing parameters of ice encroachment. A series of ice model tests is described and the results in terms of parametric variation effect on ice encroachment presented. The basic phenomenon in causing ice encroachment is the pile-up/ridging process. Investigation of this ice-ice and ice-structure interactions process is the primary physical aspect in this project. The finding of these investigations is an improved understanding of the mechanical process of ice encroachment and knowledge on performing ice model tests for ice encroachment designs.


Year: 2016

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