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Experimental Study of Accumulation Length and Cross Section Flow Under Equilibrium Ice Jam Conditions

Author(s): Chen Pangpang; Wu Peng; Wang Jun

Linked Author(s): PENG WU, Jun Wang

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Abstract: The ice jam formation and accumulation is an important part in the river ice research. From previous study, it was found that under certain flow conditions, the incoming frazil ice particles tend to dive to the bottom of the ice jam, which results in the ice jam thickening process. However, little literature can be found regarding the location of the critical section. Based on an experimental study, the ice jam accumulation with and without bridge piers were studied in a rectangular flume. It is found that, there is a clear linear relationship between ice/water ratio and cross-section conditions in the front of the ice jam, which in turn affects the ice jamming process. The equilibrium flow conditions without bridge piers were analyzed. The present study can give extra insight for the research of ice jam prediction in northern regions.


Year: 2016

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