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Interaction Between Level Ice and Ship Hull Based on DEM Simulations

Author(s): Shunying Ji; Shuai Kong

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Abstract: For ship navigating in ice fields, ice load acted on the ship hull is a significant factor for the structural safety and navigation operability. In this study, the discrete element method (DEM) is applied to simulate the interaction between the level ice and ship hull. The level ice is constructed with boned spherical elements under the buoyancy of current. The bonded elements will be broken when the inter-particle strength reaches the bonding strength. The ship hull is constructed with triangular elements without considering its deformation. The breaking process of ice cover and the size distribution of broken ice floes can be obtained from the DEM simulations. The influences of the ice thickness and navigation speed on the dynamic of ice load are analyzed considering the breakage mechanism of ice cover. Ice loads in each contact pair are determined through the contact detection between ice particle element and ship hull element. The global resistance on the ship is determined by summing the contact forces between ice elements and hull elements. The simulated results from the DEM are compared qualitatively well with the existing field data and other numerical results. This work can be aided in the hull structure design and the navigation operating in ice-covered fields.


Year: 2016

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