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Investigation of the Extension of an Ice-Resistance System for a Various Pack Ice Condition

Author(s): Hyun Soo Kim; Dong-Hyun Ahn; Suheon Ju; Kuk-Jin Kang; Seong-Yeob Jeong; Young-Min Kim; Jong-Gye Shin

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Abstract: In the initial stage of designing an ice-breaking vessel, calculations of ice resistance are the primary concern. As part of the joint research for the optimization of Arctic route planning, this paper covers ice resistance calculations for high-and low-concentration pack ice environments. Based on prior research on ice resistance for level ice and pre-sawn ice, a process for estimating pack ice resistance for various concentrations is developed. Specifically, an empirical formula is applied to estimate ice resistance at various concentrations of pack ice. This work was performed to define an appropriate correction weight function (with concentration as a parameter) for each of the three components of Spencer’s ice formula, i. e., ice breaking resistance, ice buoyancy resistance, and ice clearing resistance.


Year: 2016

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