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In-Situ Investigations of Ice Deformations and Loads in Indentation Tests

Author(s): M. Konstantinova; A. Marchenko; M. Karulina; A. Sakharov; E. Karulin; P. Chistyakov

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Abstract: The main objective of the research was to obtain systematic data of the compression strength of floating sea ice when the load is applied through the entire ice thickness. Failure mode of ice bottom layers having temperature closed to the freezing point is expected more ductile in comparison with brittle fracture of surface ice layers. Therefore the influence of ice creep rheology on the failure process could be important. In-situ tests were performed with original rig with 2 hydraulic cylinders of 30 tons power each mounted on two vertical pipes (root cylinder and indenter) hanging on metal frame. Loads, displacements and oil pressure in hydraulic cylinders were recorded in all tests with sampling frequency of 100 Hz. Medium-scale tests have been performed on land fast ice in Van Mijen Fjord in Spitsbergen (March 2013 and 2014) and on drift ice in the Barents Sea (May 2013). Accordingly the mean ice temperature changed from-10C to-2C, 3D features of ice failure are analyzed using collected data, video records of the tests and photo images of ice slices made immediately after the experiments. They are also partially reproduced with 3D finite element (FE) model of the tests realized in Comsol Multiphysics 5.2 in Structural Mechanics module using the elastic model.


Year: 2016

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