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Dilated Polyhedra-Based Discrete Element Simulation of Ice Loads on Ship Hull

Author(s): Lu Liu; Shanshan Sun; Shunying Ji

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Keywords: Discrete element method (DEM); Dilated polyhedral element; Ship hull; Ice load; Broken ice field

Abstract: The polyhedral discrete element method with polyhedral elements is developed to simulate the interaction between ice floes and ship hull. Firstly, the 2D-Voronoi tessellation algorithm is adopted to generate polyhedral ice floes with a given ice thickness in broken ice field. The dilated polyhedral element is defined based on the Minkowski sums theory. The element is constructed via adding a sphere on the surface of basic polyhedral element. The Hertz contact model is adopted to determine the contact forces between dilated elements. Meanwhile, the buoyancy and buoyancy moment, the drag force and drag moment on the ice floes are calculated by meshing every polyhedral element as tetrahedrons. The ship hull model is generated analogously as a rigid body. The motion of ship hull is calculated considering the ice contact force, the bouncy and drag of current in six degrees of freedom. Considering different ice condition, the sensitive analysis of global and local ice loads on ship hull is performed based on the DEM simulations.


Year: 2016

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