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One-Way Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of Shallow Hydropeaking Wave Propagation in a Partially Ice-Covered River Channel

Author(s): Ning Liu; Jim Kells; Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt

Linked Author(s): Jim Kells

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Abstract: In northern regions, hydropeaking operations in winter may lead to the undesirable consequence of ice cover fracture through incoming waves, leading to subsequent ice jam flooding. In order to understand the fracture mechanics of ice covers, numerical simulations based on the coupling of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and structural mechanics were developed to study the fluidsolid interaction (FSI) of the water-ice configuration subjected to shallow water wave propagation. This paper describes the model setup and gives a qualitative demonstration through a case study (proof-of-concept). It is the preliminary stage of the ongoing effort to simulate ice breakup patterns in response to shallow hydropeaking waves.


Year: 2016

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