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Discrete Element Simulation of Sea Ice Loads on Narrow Conical Structures

Author(s): Xue Long; Shunying Ji

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Keywords: Discrete element method (DEM); Sea ice; Particle size; Narrow conical structure; Ice load

Abstract: Discrete element method (DEM) is used to simulate the interaction between level ice and narrow conical structures in this paper. The level ice is modelled by spherical particles with a parallelbonding approach. The effect of particle size on flexural strength is researched to confirm the micro parameters in DEM. A relationship between them is calibrated by simulating three-points bending physical experiments and applied to study the ice loads and failure patterns on conical structures in DEM. A comparison with HSVA experiments is necessary to validate the accuracy of the calibrated DEM model. The background and modeling parameters in HSVA are described. The force records and failure patterns from the experiments and numerical simulations are in agreement. Moreover the frequency and distribution of ice force are also analyzed to compare with experiments data. More discussions on the contact force model and its input parameters are recommended for improving the DEM application in the dynamic ice load simulations of offshore structures.


Year: 2016

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