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Comparison of Sea Ice Products and Data of Drifting Buoys

Author(s): Nataliya A. Marchenko

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Abstract: The knowledge of sea ice movement in the whole Arctic and its various parts is very important both in practical and pure scientific purpose. Several institutions and agencies provide so called “Sea ice products”, showing mean ice motion vector, derived from passive microwave sensors, visible and infrared sensors and other sources. We took into consideration the Barents Sea, as a dynamically evolving region where sea ice can create problems for sustainable development. We collected information and data from various sources: IFREMER; OSI SAF; NSIDC; Anistiamo Space Systems Finland, and TOPAZ. We compared the various data sets as well as collected our own data. Our data set was provided by drifting buoys (ice trackers), installed on sea ice in the period 2008–2015.20 cases with stable buoys movement were analyzed. Comparison revealed that these products mostly had similar appearance in the Arctic basin, but in marginal zones, such as the Barents Sea, they look different and do not always coincide with the movement of buoys. NSIDC showed the best coincidence (75% of cases). IFREMER gave40% coincidence for open Barents Sea water, but did not show sea ice in Storfjord. Unfortunately the worst coincidence was seen in the regional Sea ice product–Antistiamo and TOPAZ.


Year: 2016

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