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Modeling of Ice Forces on Structure Due to Ocean Waves

Author(s): Ali Oveisy; Erik De Goede

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Abstract: It is common to find a pack of ice near offshore and coastal structures in cold regions. The cyclic wave load changes the way ice floes interact with these structures, therefore the interaction forces should be considered in the proper design of the coastal and offshore structures. These smaller ice floes which are sensitive to first order motion of surface waves can gain significant kinetic energy and impact the offshore and coastal structures. In this study we used Lagrangian approach for modeling ice forces on a rigid vertical cylinder. The ice dynamic model uses MPS (Moving Particles Semi-implicit) to simulate floating ice parcels under regular waves. For the hydrodynamic component, the non-hydrostatic version of Delft3D (oss. deltares. nl) is midfield to be two-way coupled with the ice dynamic model. The preliminary results indicate that cyclic force under wave action is significantly higher than that of under current alone and the force on the structure increases with increase in wave steepness. The study also indicates the importance of the surface water slope in accelerating ice parcels and consequently on the forces on the structure. Validation and evaluation of the numerical model with the physical observations are needed to ensure the capability of the model.


Year: 2016

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