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Exploring Global Pressures: Geometry, Fracture and Ice Properties

Author(s): Erin Paquette; Thomas G. Brown

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Abstract: Global effective pressures from the crushing of level ice sheets against a structure often result in governing load conditions. Crushing is a complex process in which it is difficult to account for the cumulative effects of multiple interaction parameters. The paper reviews existing theories on the effects of individual parameters. Contributions of the contact geometry, fracture behavior and ice properties are investigated. Specifically, the influence of growth time and ice brine volume are considered. The effects of individual parameters and the mechanisms of how they are related are discussed. The paper then presents an approach to applying these parameters in estimating global pressures. Central to the approach is the understanding that, depending on the conditions of the interaction, different parameters may dominate the pressure effects. Full scale data and model results are used to determine the validity of the approach. No single parameter is found to sufficiently account for the pressure variations in different scenarios. An improved understanding of the various interaction characteristics will lead to a greater confidence in determining design pressures.


Year: 2016

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