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Relating Speed, Heading and Ice Conditions in NSR Ship Operations

Author(s): Raymond Kristiansen; Chris Petrich

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Abstract: In this paper, we build on previous results and knowledge to show how both aggregated data and data on single ship behavior can identify key characteristics for ship traffic of different categories. In particular, we use kernel density estimation methods to find relations between ship speed and ice concentration data. Further, by analyzing two specific cases of operations in the NSR, we identify relations between ship speed, heading and ice conditions. Specifically, we present operational parameters for the Russian cargo ship Geolog Dmitriy Nalivkin and the Russian oil tanker Yaroslav Mudryy, operating in the NSR under icebreaker escort in October and July 2014 respectively. Based on this, we argue that derivatives of S-AIS parameters, that is acceleration and rate of rotation, are good indicators of ice conditions


Year: 2016

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