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Waves Under Ice in the Marginal Ice Zone

Author(s): Hayley H. Shen

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Abstract: There is a long history of studies of wave propagation under ice covers. The continuing decline of Arctic sea ice in the recent decade has drawn significant attention to this problem again, particularly in the marginal ice zone, where increased shipping and other human activities are taking place. Like most natural phenomena in the earth system, wave propagation under ice involves many interacting factors. Being a multi-disciplinary research field, there are many different ways to approach it. In this presentation only a summary is given on how wave is affected by ice. The equally important counterpart: how ice is affected by wave, will only be briefly described. Identified mechanisms and their formulations are introduced first, followed by measurements from both laboratory and field experiments. An outlook of future air-ice-sea couple models that implement the identified mechanisms is provided at the end.


Year: 2016

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