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The Influence of Freezing on Nutrients and Heavy Metal Migration in Lake Ulansuhai, China

Author(s): Song Shuang; Shi Xiaohong; Li Changyou; Zhao Shengnan; Tian Weidong

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Keywords: Freezing effect; Nutrients; Heavy metals; Contaminant migration; Distribution coefficient

Abstract: This paper selects the shallow lake Ulansuhai in cold and arid regions as the research object to study the influence of the freezing on lake nutritive salt and heavy metal migration rule. An indoor simulation experiment is carried out by using one dimensional lakes freeze simulator designed by the research team to study the effects of different initial concentrations and freezing temperatures on the distribution of nutritive salt and heavy metals in ice water. Furthermore, the experimental results will be analyzed through the concept of distribution coefficient. The results show that the ice discharges pollutants in the freezing process. Under the same experimental conditions, the higher the initial water concentration is, the more obvious the pollutant discharged by freezing effect will be. Migrations of heavy metals and nutrients in the ice during the frozen period are influenced by their initial concentration and freezing temperature.


Year: 2016

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