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Ice-Ice Friction in Warm Temperatures with and Without Excess Water

Author(s): Maria Tikanmaki; Lasse Makkonen

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Abstract: Friction between two ice surfaces is an important phenomenon in ice-structure interaction processes. The total force against a structure depends on the friction between ice and the structure as well as the friction between ice particles. In an ice-structure interaction process, temperature at the bottom of the ice sheet is at the melting temperature of ice, and the sliding happens both above and below the waterline. In this paper, ice-ice friction experiments done using a linear measurement device, with and without excess water at the contact surface, are presented. The experiments were conducted at the sliding velocity range from 2 to 800 mm/s and close to the melting temperature of ice. The results of the experiments are analyzed and investigated in view of recent theoretical models of ice friction.


Year: 2016

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