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Hydrodynamic Forces on Ice Floes in the Propeller Wash of a Ship – Full-Scale Experimental Study

Author(s): Andrei Tsarau

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Abstract: The momentum of the propeller wash of a vessel may be used in ice management to displace ice floes away from the vessel. To model such processes, the drag forces on the ice should be properly calculated. This paper presents a full-scale experiment on propeller-flow drag forces on ice floes of different sizes. This experiment was performed aboard an icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean north of Svalbard in the autumn of 2015. The total hydrodynamic force on an ice floe due to propeller force was considered as the sum of the so-called skin friction and form drag. Based on the obtained data, the skin-friction coefficient and the form-drag coefficient were identified: 0.002 and 0.3, respectively.


Year: 2016

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