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Analysis of Ice-Induced Vibration of Conical Jacket Platform with a Coupled Discrete-Finite Element Method

Author(s): Shuailin Wang; Shunying Ji

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Keywords: Ice-induced vibration; Jacket offshore platform; Ice load; Discrete element method; Finite element method; Domain Decomposition Method

Abstract: Ice-induced vibration of the offshore jacket platform has a great influence on the security and stability of the structures in ice-covered regions. This paper proposes an approach to combine the discrete element method (DEM) and finite element method (FEM) to analyze the ice-induced vibration of conical jacket platform. The DEM with bonding-breaking effect is developed to simulate the ice motion and broken, and the FEM is adopted to simulate the response of platform under ice loads. To deal with the multi-scale of coupling DEM-FEM problems, the time multiscale strategy based on the fundamental principles of Domain Decomposition Method (DDM) is applied here. The subdomain impacted by DEM adopts small time step, while FEM adopts larger time steps used by implicit Newmark method. The vibration accelerations on the conical jacket platform are presented under different ice velocities and thicknesses. The results show that the proposed FEM-DEM coupling approach can provide an effective way to investigate the vibrations of offshore jacket platform structures under the impact of sea ice.


Year: 2016

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