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Effect of Normal Pressure and Velocity on Ice-Ice Friction

Author(s): Zhong Wu; Bruce Colbourne

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Abstract: Improved knowledge of ice friction influences on vessels or offshore structure is desirable when we seek to optimize designs by reducing forces applied by impinging ice. Friction is known to be important in terms of the overall load experienced by ships of offshore structures. This includes both the direct friction between the ice and the structure and the friction between ice pieces themselves as they move around the structure. The friction of ice has been widely studied and is known to be variable. Relatively few studies have considered the friction of ice on ice, but this is an important factor when considering the relative movement of pack ice when it is impinging on a fixed or floating structure. The ice-ice friction influences the movement of ice pieces relative to each other. This study examines the effect of friction between ice and ice under relatively high pressures that might be experienced during full scale interactions. However, the contact area was relatively small because the experiment was conducted in the laboratory. This study found that the deformation mechanisms have an effect on the ice friction when the normal pressure at the contact area changes. The study also discusses the effects of sliding velocity, pressure and their interaction on the deformation mechanism, and the ice friction.


Year: 2016

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