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Nonlinear Contact Dynamic Response Simulation of Matlock’s Ice-Structure Interaction Model Using Fourier Analysis

Author(s): Yuxi Zhang; Thomas C. Remmers; Bingbin Yu; Dale G. Karr

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Abstract: Continuous brittle crushing occurs in the movement of an ice sheet against an offshore structure. Matlock’s ice-structure interaction model is used to simulate the behavior of the ice crushing by modeling ice teeth indentation contacting a spring-mass-dashpot structure. The dynamic behavior of this ice-structure interaction system is studied using Fourier analysis to predict the response of specific periodicity. The system’s equations of motion are established based on the assumption of continuous ice indentation. This assumption allows immediate contact of the structure with the next tooth at the time of fracturing of a previous tooth. The time histories of tooth deflections are expressed through the non-linear dynamic equations. The kinematic initial conditions of the system can be predicted at targeted periodicity via the Fourier analysis. Furthermore, given a representative system, the amplitudes of the structural dynamic vibration predicted by the Fourier analysis compare well to more precise periodic solutions found by the mathematical closed-form simulation.


Year: 2016

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