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Study on the River Ice Process in Shensifenzi River Bend of the Yellow River

Author(s): Zhao Shuixia; Li Changyou; Li Chao; Shi Xiaohong; Zhao Shengnan

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Keywords: The Yellow River; Remote sensing; Shensifenzi river bend; River Ice Process; Spatio-temporal characteristics

Abstract: Because of the special channel morphology and geographical location, the Shensifenzi river bend of Yellow River in Inner Mongolia reach is easily form the initial ice jam. According to field observation and hydrological, meteorological data collection during 2014-15 winter, combining Landsat8 remote sensing image data, the river ice evolution process and ice characteristics of Shensifenzi section has been analyzed. The results showed that field observation combined with remote sensing image interpretation can accurately describe the spatio-temporal characteristics of river ice, the growth of dynamic border ice in concave bank and static border ice in convex bank has immensely decreased the river width, and reduced the ice transport capacity, which caused ice jam firstly formed in this bend. Furthermore, ice cover will develop from this site to upstream. Due to the reduction of ice discharge and increase of the hydraulic slope, the lead form at the downstream of river bend. Under the effect of spiral flow, the frazil ice accumulated under ice cover around the junction of main channel and shoals; During freeze-up period, the change of air temperature will lead ice cover surface solidification and melting, decreasing the roughness and increasing area of smooth ice cover.


Year: 2016

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