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An Efficiency Analysis of the Low-Head Gate Dam Fishway

Author(s): Yanyan Zhang; Kang Zhang; Zhenjun He; Yong He

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Keywords: Water plant dam; Fishway; Passage efficiency; Influence factor; Statistical analysis

Abstract: The passing efficiency of the fishway for water plant dam in Liuxi River was evaluated by statistical analysis and comparing with other fishway based on the monitor data from August in 2015 to July in2016. The main contents includes that identifying the fish species, analyzing the influence of season and upper water level variation to passage efficiency, and comparing the result with other fishway in China and other countries. The results indicated that there are 1043 fishes, which belong to 39 species, 3 order, 10 families, and37genera, were captured. The main passage season of the fishway is April to October. When the water temperature in the fishway varies from 20 to 35℃and the upper water level varies from 32.6 to 33m, the fishway is effective. There 39 species fish can find the entrance and pass over the fishway. Compared with other fishways, this one works better, but the passing number is less than others. The study results play an important role in ecological operation for Liuxi Reservoir, fishway improvement and effective operation, and protection of fish resources. It also plays important role in demonstration and expansion fishway construction for low-head gate dam in Liuxi River and Pearl River Delta plains.


Year: 2018

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