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Using a Coupled Eco-Hydrodynamic Model to Predict River Habitat Changes for River Restoration Strategy

Author(s): Weiwei Yao; Yuansheng Chen; Xiaoyi Ma

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Abstract: Currently, the ecosystem is damaged or destroyed in many rivers and the fish species living in there are facing the problem of decline or even extinction. This situation has aroused great concern in design of restoration project and capabilities of predictive ecological modeling are urgently needed to establish and simulate the fish species distribution in time and space. In this paper, we proposed a model system to assess the ecosystem habitat situation and investigated the impacts of two most common used ecological restorations strategies for the target fish species. The model system concludes three parts: hydrodynamic module, habitat module and habitat restoration scheme as well as assessment. We first use the hydrodynamic module to simulate the velocity, water depth and the substrates in riverbed were also surveyed. After that, the habitat suitability index was calculated according to the preference curves responding to these parameters from first steps. Then, the weighted useable areas and overall suitability were also calculated. Finally, the effects of the restoration strategies are evaluated. The Freshwater Reeves shad (Tenualosa reevesii) and Chin-sha River were selected as target fish and Study River respectively. The ecological restoration strategies are river bank reconstruction and add tributary.


Year: 2018

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