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One-Dimensional Analytical Modelling of Floating Seed Dispersal in Tidal Channels

Author(s): Wei Shi; Anton Purnama; Dongdong Shao; Baoshan Cui; Weilun Gao

Linked Author(s): Dongdong Shao

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Abstract: Seed dispersal is a primary factor influencing plant community development, and thus plays a critical role in maintaining wetland ecosystem functioning. However, compared with fluvial seed dispersal of riparian plants, dispersal of saltmarsh plant seeds in tidal channels is much less studied due to its complex behavior, and relevant mathematical modelling is particularly lacking. In this study, we developed a one -dimensional advectiondispersion model to explore the patterns of tidal seed dispersal. Oscillatory tidal current and water depth were assumed to represent the tidal effects. An exponential decay coefficient was introduced to account for seed deposition and retention. Analytical solution in integral form was derived using Green’s function and further evaluated using numerical integration. The developed model was applied to simulate Spartina densiflora seed dispersal in a tidal channel located at the Mad River Slough in North Humboldt Bay, Californ ia, USA, to demonstrate its practical applicability. Field observational data reported in the literature were used for model calibration and validation. Sensitivity analyses were also conducted to evaluate the effects of varying calibrated parameters on model predictions. The range of the seed dispersion as well as the distribution of the seed concentration were further analyzed through statistical parameters such as centroid displacement and variance of the seed cloud together with seed concentration contours. Implications of the modelling results on tidal marsh restoration and protection, e. g., revegetation through seed addition, were also discussed through scenario analysis. The developed analytical model provides a useful tool for ecological management of tidal marshes.


Year: 2018

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