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Comprehensive Metabolome Profiling of Medical Halophyte Salicornia Europaea by Large-Scale Targeted Metabolomics

Author(s): Xin Wang; Junhong Bai; Guangliang Zhang; Wei Wang; Shuai Zhang; Shuo Yin; Dawei Wang

Linked Author(s): Xin Wang

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Abstract: Salicornia europaea L. is an annual herbaceous species, which has both edible and medicinal values in China. Up to this day, as one of the most salt tolerant plants, it has attracted wide attention all over the world. Some researches and reviews about its chemical and pharmacological functions have been published. However, little information is available about the metabolites of S. europaea. We adopted a novel large-scale targeted metabolomics and identified 694 metabolites of the leaves includ ing 14 alkaloids, 80 amino acids and its derivatives, 24 carbohydrates, 3 catechin and its derivatives, 4 cholines, 13 coumarins and its derivatives, 73 flavones, 23 flavonoids, 15 C-Flavonoid conjugates, 5 isoflavones, 29 flavonols, 39 hydroxycinnamoyl derivatives, 9 indoles and its derivatives, 57 lipids, 8 nicotinic acid and its derivatives, 48 nucleotide and its derivates, 65 organic acid and its derivatives, 12 phenolamides, 24 phytohormones, 4 polyphenols, 1 proanthocyanidins, 15 quinate and its derivatives, 10 tryptamines and its derivatives, 6 terpenoids and 11 vitamins. To the best of author’s knowledge, our paper is the first comprehensive metabolic profiling about the leaves of S. europaea, and will provide references for the development and utilization of this plant in the future.


Year: 2018

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