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Retrieval of Suspended Sediment in Poyang Lake Based on Remote Sensing and Analysis of Its Spatial-Temporal Characteristics

Author(s): Xu Yifan; Qin Boqiang; Xiao Yaqin

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Abstract: In this study, multispectral data of the HJ-1 satellite of 2010 to 2014 and the daily mean sediment concentration data of the same period of the hydrological stations in Poyang Lake and the river into the lake were collected in order to select the sensitive bands and construct remote sensing retrieval model of suspended sediment in Poyang Lake. And the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of suspended sediment in Poyang Lake in flood season and dry season were analyzed with the images. The results show that the HJ-1 satellite data can be used to reflect the temporal and spatial distribution of suspended sediment concentrations in Poyang Lake. The combination of the second and third bands has good correlation with suspended sediment. The model can be used to monitor the long-term suspended sediment concentration in Poyang Lake with the HJ-1 images. The average concentration of suspended sediment in Poyang Lake from 2013 to 2014 was 55.02mg/L. The suspended sediment concentration in dry season was higher than that in flood season, and the spatial variation of suspended sediment concentration in dry season was less than that in flood season.


Year: 2018

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